What is the Dark Side of Holocaust Education?

The Holocaust is one of the worst incidents that ever happened in the world’s history. Many people were killed as other families were separated. Carolyn Maloney introduced a bill that supported Holocaust education in January 2019. The majority of members in the House of Representatives supported the motion in which President Donald Trump signed the bill into law. The House of Representatives allocated $2million to the “Never Again Education Act” for the next five years since May 2020 to finance the Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Why should schools teach about the holocaust?

The holocaust education serves to remind us of what happened during the Holocaust and the final solution of the Nazis. When hate goes unchallenged, dire consequences can occur, such as the war between some hate groups who promote bigotry, anti-Semitism, and intolerance. Citizens need to understand why the Holocaust happened and what could happen when there is no difference in the oppression of people. The government needed to teach on holocaust education because people will reduce hate among themselves when they learn about the dangers of the holocaust and desist from hating each other.

There was a need to build the Holocaust memorial. Some social media users resisted education, but 12 states have required all their schools to teach about Holocaust education. The motivation to create holocaust education law has been praised by most citizens, including the Jewish citizens and organizations. The Jewish community believes that through holocaust education, children will grow up to be responsible citizens and develop social justice, empathy, and critical thinking for a bright future. Is there any proof that holocaust education reduces hatred among the Jews? There is no evidence that holocaust education reduces the hostility within the Jews. The Jews encouraged the teachings of the Torah to establish positive behavior among the Jews and minimize hatred attributed to the Holocaust.  

The Jews were heavily persecuted because of their growing population, and the Nazis perceived them as a threat to Germany’s social, political, and economic development. 

The hero and the victim

The Second World War brought differences between the Nazi and the Jewish communities. The allied forces lead by the Americans won the war over imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Refugees moved from Europe and went to Israel. The Americans befriended the Jews and wanted to control the middle east economy; the Americans had tilted towards the Arabs, but the cold war favored the Jews. The liberal and Jewish politics merged when Jackson-Vanik Amendment was passed. Two years later, after 1972. The law banned normal trade relations with non-market economies. The Jews split into the good Jews of Auschwitz and the wrong Zionists. The split of the Jews led to a shift of the community to different features. 


A professor of literature called Edward Said, who taught at Colombia University, arose and introduced anti-Zionism in institutions of higher learning. Some people regarded him both as a solely intellectual and as the most dominant professor. The professor never denied the value of his commitment to preserve and teach western civilization to the best of his ability. Said was outstanding in teaching western culture, but he led by distancing himself from the practice of western civilization. The theory of Socialism collapsed because of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and anti-Zionism and Orientalism replaced Socialism. Some groups, such as the Muslim and Arab groups, stirred war in Israel in America. Nazi Germany killed many Jews; many children and students were slaughtered and killed. The history of the killings is horrific, and the massive killing is commemorated annually. The Nazis tried to eradicate the evidence, but the American government has safeguarded the history through school education. 


The government should preserve the dark history of holocaust education for future generations. We need to ensure that all account is maintained to the later so that hatred is eradicated among the Jewish and Nazi German. Teachers need to be educated on how to teach the holocaust.

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