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Web Links

Please select one of the following Topical Categories and continue.

Thematic Holocaust Links

Websites listed chronologically to coincide with the BHEC PowerPoint, "The Holocaust."  From the History of Antisemitism and continuing through Hitler's Rise to Power ... The Ghettos ... The Camps ... and continuing to the end of World War II.

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Various online survivor testimonies for use in the classroom.

Additional Resources for Teaching the Holocaust

Websites relating to specific content areas such as literature, poetry, art, music, plays, maps, images, pedagogy.


Holocaust Education Centers Worldwide

General links for Holocaust Education Centers worldwide.  Some content from these websites has been included in other Topical Categories.

Holocaust Education Curriculums

The state of Alabama has no pre-defined Holocaust curriculum.  Take a look at other state/organization curriculums.

Other Genocides

Genocide and related crimes continue in our world today.  Learn more. 

NOTE:  The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC) does not officially endorse any particular website or its content.  All material should be previewed for suitability before using with students.  We appreciate your comments and feedback about these pages.

Please contact our Education Coordinator.