Second Generation

Children of Holocaust Survivors, the "Second Generation"

Second Generation members Eva Wilensky and Esther Levy.

Second Generation Members:

Eva Wilensky and Esther Levy.

Children of Holocaust Survivors grew up as part of the Jewish Community, but they are also part of a much smaller community that shares different life experiences unique to Survivor families.  Although some of the Survivors did not speak to their children about their experiences, these children were still touched by the consequences of the Holocaust, and the effect it had on their parents' lives.

In Birmingham, thanks to the help of the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center, the children of Holocaust Survivors, the "Second Generation," is a more cohesive group. 

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              A worldwide network of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, all linked

              together with the common goals of preserving and honoring our legacy, sharing

              resources and programming ideas, providing emotional support to our members, and

              tackling issues of mutual interest.

              The DNA Shoah Project is building a database of genetic material from Holocaust

              survivors and their immediate descendants in hopes of reuniting families disrupted by

              the Shoah ("Holocaust" in Hebrew).  The Project aims to match displaced relatives,

              provide Shoah orphans and lost children with information about their biological families

              and, eventually, assist in the forensic identification of Holocaust-era remains.

              The World Federation represents the interests of Jewish Holocaust survivors who were

              persecuted as children during the Nazi era.  Members survived the Shoah in ghettos,

              in camps, in hiding, or by fleeing.  The organization's members perpetuate the memory

              of the Holocaust victims and the legacy of the survivors by telling their stories, engaging

              in Shoah education, and holding conferences.

              The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants is the

              umbrella organization of survivor groups in North America.  Soon after the World

              Gathering in Israel in June 1981, the visionaries of that event established a non-profit

              corporation with a mission of remembrance, education and commemoration.


Matzevah Markers Available for Survivors' Graves

Matzevah marker close-up.Survival has placed upon us the responsibility of making sure that the Holocaust is remembered forever.  Each of us has the sacred obligation to share this task while we still can.  However, with the passage of each year, we realize that time is against us, and we must make sure to utilize all means for future remembrance. 

A permanent step toward achieving this important goal can be realized by placing a unique and visible marker on the gravestone of every survivor. The Matzevah marker.American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors offers Matzevah Markers for purchase.  Each is cast in solid bronze, measuring 5 x 7 inches, and can be attached to new or existing tombstones.

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