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Recommended Workshops

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC) recognizes the need for conscientious teachers, equipped with proper knowledge, to develop engaging and pedagogically sound Holocaust curriculums.  The following organizations offer Holocaust Education Workshops that are recommended by the BHEC for Teacher Scholarship recipients.  Other workshops under consideration for scholarship requests must be approved by the BHEC.




U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Belfer Conference

Funded by a grant from the Belfer Foundation, this conference is designed for middle and high school educators and community college faculty.

Subject-specific conferences are offered for Social Studies and English/Language Arts teachers. Educators who teach a subject outside these two disciplines may pick which session to attend that better suits their subject matter.  Sessions are designed specifically for middle- and high-school teachers with five or fewer years teaching the Holocaust. 

Museum educators and scholars will share rationales, strategies, and approaches for teaching about the Holocaust.  Participants will have extensive time to view the Museum's Permanent Exhibition, as well as the special exhibitions Remember the Children: Daniel's Story and Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration & Complicity in the Holocaust, and to explore the Museum's full range of resources.

Those who complete the conference will receive a set of educational materials from the Museum. 

Requirements:   Taught Holocaust 1-5 years.
Location:   U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
Accommodations:   Hotel per conference recommendation.

English/Language Arts
     Wednesday, July 19 - Friday, July 21, 2017

Social Studies
      Sunday, July 23 - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Session Length:   3 days

Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

USHMM Online Application (English/Language Arts).

USHMM Online Application (Social Studies).

Application Deadline:   Monday, May 15, 2017

- There is NO registration fee.

- Teachers who complete the program receive a set of educational
   materials from the Museum

- The BHEC will cover 100% of travel, accommodations and per
   diem as budgeted by the BHEC.

USHMM Scholarships:  

A limited number of scholarships are available from USHMM.  To apply, complete their online application and submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.  Scholarship Application.



Museum Teacher Fellowship Program

The Museum Teacher Fellowship Program enables talented teachers to become leaders in Holocaust education, bringing the history and lessons of the Holocaust to new places and new audiences.

Each year, the Museum designates up to 20 educators, from grades 7-12 and community college faculty, as new Museum Teacher Fellows.  These educators must show evidence of extensive knowledge of Holocaust history, successful teaching experience, and participation in community and professional organizations.

Teacher Fellows participate in a 5-day, all-expense paid summer institute at the Museum in Washington, DC, designed to immerse them in advanced historical and pedagogical issues.  Following the summer institute, Teacher Fellows are expected to create and implement an outreach project in their schools, colleges, communities, or professional organizations.  In July of the following year, they attend a follow-up program to assess their efforts and to continue their study of the Holocaust with Museum staff and noted speakers.



Middle- and high-school history, social studies, foreign-language, English and journalism teachers, as well as librarians and instructional media specialists are encourage to apply.  Other content areas will also be considered.  It is expected that applicants will have taught the Holocaust for a minimum of five years. Applicants must teach in U.S. schools.

Location:   U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
Accommodations:   Hotel per conference recommendation.

Sunday, July 9 - Thursday, July, 13, 2017

Session Length:   5 days

USHMM Online Application.

Application Deadline:  

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Results by: Friday, March 31, 2017.


All expenses paid by the USHMM, including travel and hotel.



Facing History and Ourselves

Holocaust and Human Behavior

How is history shaped by hatred, indifference, and denial, as well as by caring, compassion, and responsibility? In this seminar participants will examine the range of choices that led to the failure of democracy in Germany and ultimately to the persecution of millions of Jews and other targeted groups. Participants will investigate the complexities of human behavior, judgement, memory, and how we as individuals and members of groups can make a difference in the world today.  You will discover new teaching strategies, classroom activities, and multimedia resources to use in the classroom aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Following the seminar, participants will complete access to the Facing History's educator resources, which include downloadable unit plans, lessons, and online forums.  In addition, participants are invited to borrow videos, DVD's and books from the Facing History's lending library.  Each participant is assigned a Facing History Program Associate, who is available to provide ongoing support services.

If you are not able to attend a seminar in person, check out the Facing History Online Seminars.

For more information click here.


Recommended for 6-12th grade U.S. History, World History, Humanities, or English Language Arts teachers.



Facing History and Ourselves

115 Huling Avenue

Memphis, TN  38103

Accommodations:   Accommodations are responsibility of attendee.

Tuesday, June 6 - Thursday, June 8, 2017

Session Length:   3 days, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

Facing History Online Application.

Application Deadline:   May 27, 2017

Registration Fee:  $450.00

Breakfast and lunch provided.




Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center is designated a "Center of Excellence" by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.  The Holocaust Centers of Excellence Program is a partnership between the JFR and the participating Holocaust Center.  In agreeing to participate in the program, each center agrees to nominate two educators each year to attend the Summer Institute for Teachers.  Additionally, each center agrees to sponsor Holocaust teacher education programs that draw on JFR materials and training modules.  The Centers make a commitment to teach the Holocaust in as comprehensive a manner as possible and to include the subject of rescue.  Teachers who attend JFR programs are known as Alfred Lerner Fellows and form a cadre of educators for each local center as well as for the JFR.

The JFR's additional education programs are comprehensive and far-reaching.  They include not only the summer residential program but an advanced seminar, and educators' trip to Germany and Poland, an academic newsletter, a teachers' Internet resource and partnerships with Holocaust Centers throughout the country. 


Summer Institute for Teachers

The Summer Institute is held at Columbia University in New York City during the last week in June.  The program is a high-level, intensive academic seminar in which participants are exposed to Holocaust survivors as well as noted Holocaust scholars. The Institute is designed to allow participants to meet in small groups following each lecture.  These small groups enable the teachers and Holocaust Center staff to share teaching concepts and to develop approaches to introducing the subject matter to their students.

  1. Teacher must be selected by the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC), a designated "Center of Excellence. The BHEC will select 2 teachers each year from the state of Alabama.  Teachers can express interest in this nomination by applying for a scholarship through the BHEC.
  2. Teacher must teach English or Social Studies at the middle or high school level, or they must work in an education capacity
    with the BHEC.
  3. Teacher must have taught for at least five years and must be at least five years from retirement.
  4. Teacher must currently teach the Holocaust in the classroom.
  5. Teacher must have attended at least one Holocaust-related professional development program.
  6. Teacher must agree to serve as a resource for the JFR and the BHEC.

NOTE: The JFR requires each participant to submit a 1-2 page paper AFTER the workshop, discussing how the participant intends to change their unit on the Holocaust with respect to content and methodology, as a result of attending the Summer Institute. This submission will be due by September 1.


Location:   Columbia University;  New York City, NY

Dorms of Columbia University.  Rooms will be shared.

Single rooms are available for an additional fee.


Sunday, June 25 - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Program beings 9:00 a.m. on Sunday and runs through 2:00 p.m. on Thursday.  Participants should arrive at Columbia by the evening of Saturday, June 20.

Session Length:   5 days
Program Agenda:  

2017 Program Overview

2017 Program Agenda

2017 Travel Form


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

If accepted, the JFR's application will be sent to you by the BHEC Education Coordinator. Your application must be submitted to the BHEC office first, and will then be submitted to the JFR.

Application Deadline:   Mid-February, 2017

$775 registration fee includes accommodations as well as all breakfasts, lunches, breaks, and two dinners (Sunday and Wednesday nights) - beginning with breakfast on Sunday, June 21.

For those arriving on Saturday, the JFR will also cover the cost of lodging, but not meals.

Participants are expected to share a room. 



Advanced Seminar

The JFR holds its Advanced Seminar every year over the birthday weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This two-day, intensive program is open only to Alfred Lerner Fellows and is limited to 20-22 participants. The Advanced Seminar is designed to deepen knowledge of the Holocaust in particular geographies or thematic areas.  Participants are expected to complete required readings and writing assignments prior to the start of the program.


Teacher must have completed JFR's "Summer Institute for Teachers" and must be nominated by the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC).

Location:   Newark, NJ
Accommodations:   Hilton Hotel at Newark Airport

Saturday, January 14 - Monday, January 18, 2017

(MLK Weekend)

Session Length:   3 days
Program Agenda:  

2017 Program Agenda


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

If accepted, the JFR's application will be sent to you by the BHEC Education Coordinator. Your application must be submitted to the BHEC office first, and will then be submitted to the JFR.


Scholarships for the Advanced Seminar will cover
ONLY Registration Fees.

Application Deadline:  

Notify BHEC Education Coordinator if you are interested in applying.



$375 registration fee, based on double occupancy.

- BHEC Scholarship covers only the registration fee.

- Hotel is included in registration fee; however, in order to get to
  Newark for the first session you will likely have to fly up one day
  early and pay hotel for one night ($120).

- Travel is the responsibility of the participant.



European Study Program in Germany and Poland

The European Study Program in Germany and Poland offers participants an intensive educational experience.  This two-week program is scheduled every other year and is limited to fifteen Lerner Fellows.  It includes visits to concentration camps, ghetto sites, form shtetls and meetings with survivors, rescuers, local historians and teachers.  The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous sees the European Study Program as its capstone and provides a subsidy for each participant.


Teacher must have completed JFR's "Summer Institute for Teachers" and must be nominated by the BHEC.


Germany and Poland

Flights will leave from Newark Liberty Airport

Accommodations:   Europe - various

July 5-19, 2015

Session Length:   10 days
Program Agenda:  

Professor Robert Jan van Pelt will be the scholar-in-residence.


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

JFR's application will be sent to you by the BHEC Education Coordinator.

Application Deadline:  

First-come basis for JFR application and $500 non-refundable




BHEC Scholarship will only be able to cover a portion of the trip.



Appalachian State University Center for Judaic, Holocaust & Peace Studies

Martin & Doris Rosen Summer Symposium for Educators and the Community, "The Holocaust as Global History" 

The purpose of this conference is to provide a wide audience of public school teachers, university faculty, students and concerned citizens with information and insights about the victims, perpetrators and consequences of the Nazi Holocaust.  The symposium will raise basic questions about intolerance, indifference, and human courage in a dangerous world.  It will provide approximately 50 hours of instruction.  Teachers who complete all forty hours will receive four (4) CEU units.


Open to middle and high school teachers and interested community leaders.


Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Accommodations:   Provided by Appalachian State in nearby University apartments.

Saturday, August 5 (2:00 pm) - Thursday, August 10 (3:30 pm), 2017

Session Length:   6 days
Program Agenda:   2017 Agenda

Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

Apply for a Scholarship from the Martin & Doris Rosen Foundation.


Rosen Symposium Registration Form.

Application Deadline:  



Full scholarships are awarded by the Symposium to the first 30 participants to sign up.  This includes registration, materials, housing on campus, and breakfast and lunch each day. Applicants are responsible for evening meals.



The Southern Institute for Education and Research at Tulane University

Goldring Teacher Fellowship Program

This program is comprised of three components:  (1) The five-day Goldring Teacher Fellowship Seminar on the Tulane campus.  The Seminar will prepare teachers to make multimedia presentations on the story of a Holocaust survivor and a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany and landed in Louisiana;  (2) A One Year Practicum in which teachers make school-based and community presentations under the guidance of Southern Institute Education Director Plater Robinson; and (3) upon completion of the Summer Seminar and the One-Year Practicum, candidates will be named a Southern Institute Teacher Fellow and be certified to conduct teacher trainings on the lives of our subjects.

"We like to say we are couriers of memory, the most noble work of all." - Plater Robinson



Candidates need not be currently teaching, but previous 6-12 grade teaching experience is required.  They must reside in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida.

Candidates will be required to make six presentations.

Only 10-12 teachers will be selected.


Southern Institute at Tulane University

New Orleans, LA

Accommodations:   Determined by attendee.
Dates:   Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 17, 2015
Session Length:   5 days
Program Agenda:  

See 2015 Application for details.

Evaluations from Previous Attendees.

Program Flyer.


Only 10-12 candidates will be selected.

2015 Application

Application Deadline:  

June 1, 2015


Free of charge.

The Southern Institute provides a stipend of $1500 for teachers to pay for their hotel room and meals during the week.



The Bremen Museum/Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education

Summer Institute on Teaching the Holocaust

Five days of in-depth instruction by renowned Holocaust educators from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, ADL, The Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation, and Yad Vashem International School of Holocaust Studies (Jerusalem).


Teachers of elementary/middle/high school and public/charter/private/religious schools.

Class size will be limited to 60 teachers.


To earn 4 PLU credits, teachers must attend all five days of the Summer Institute.  To earn an additional 1 PLU credit, teachers must submit a lesson plan incorporating the subject matter studied during the week.


The Bremen Museum

1440 Spring Street NW (entrance on 18th Street)

Atlanta, GA 30309

Accommodations:   Hotel will be the responsibility of the attendee. 

Monday, June 6 - Friday, June 10, 2016

8:30 am - 4:00 pm each day

Session Length:   5 days
Program Agenda:  

2014 Agenda

2015 Agenda TBD


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

Bremen Center Online Application.

Application Deadline:   May 5, 2016

Tuition for the course is $295 and includes all textbooks (including $95 Echoes and Reflections), all presentation materials, lunches, snacks, and free parking.


Alabama teachers: Must pay a non-member fee of $300.




Holocaust Educators Network

Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education

The Memorial Library welcomes applications from middle school, high school, and college faculty across the US who seek to deepn their teaching about the Holocauast, genocide, and social justice.

This 12-day seminar encourages teachers to think creatively and collaboratively about how they teach the Holocaust and more recent genocides.  Participants become adept at dealing with difficult material and discover how writing, dialogue, and inquiry can help motivate students toward social action.


Required to have at least 5 years experience teaching the Holocaust in the classroom and to be at least 5 years from retirement.


Graduates of the seminar are expected to return to their classrooms with the commitment to teach about the Holocaust and to create opportunities for outreach to fellow teachers and community members.


2017 Program Flyer



58 East 79th Street

New York, NY

Accommodations:   Provided at Columbia University

Saturday, June 17 - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Session Length:   12 days

Memorial Library Online Application.

No BHEC Application is necessary.  We would appreciate knowing if you plan to apply.


Course content includes:

  • Testimony from Holocaust survivors
  • Workshops by scholars and artists
  • A day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • A focus on experiential learning, interactive pedagogy, and writing
  • Outings to historic sites and cultural events


Speakers for 2017:

  • Alexandra Zapruder, author of Salvaged Pages
  • Irving Roth on surviving Auschwitz
  • Inge Auerbacher on being a child at Terezin
  • Mehnaz Afridi on Christian, Jewish, Muslim dialogue
  • Rabbi Greg Wall on Jewish culture and klezmer music
Application Deadline:  

Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2017

Letter of Reference Deadline:  March 15, 2017


All participants receive a $350 fellowship, free housing at Columbia University, and round-trip airfare.  Local transportation and most meals will be provided by the Library.





Georgetown University /The Program for Jewish Civilization

Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust Education / Summer Certificate Program for Educators

Designed for high school teachers, this is a rigorous, non-degree program geared to the specific curricular and pedagogical needs of educators, focusing on a contemporary view of how the Holocaust evolved and its continued impact on international relations and foreign policy.  The course is taught by Georgetown faculty, guest lecturers from think tanks, government and non-governmental agencies, authors, independent scholars, and clergy.

This program focuses on contemporary issues and implication, such as:  US Foreign Policy, War Crimes Trials, Scientific Experimentation, Interfaith and Church-State Relations, Restitution of Property and Assets, the roles of American Government and Business, and Propaganda.



High school teachers only.

Previous Holocaust workshop experience required to receive BHEC Scholarship.


Center for Jewish Civilization
Georgetown University

37th and O Streets, NW

Washington, DC 20057

  Housing is provided on campus.

There will be no Institute in the summer of 2017.  The Karski Institute will host its next session in July 2018, when a revised and expanded program of study will be offered.

Session Length:
  7 days

Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

Karski Institute Online Application.

Application Deadline:

$500 + travel.

Housing provided. Materials, meals, and local transportation included. Participants receive a complementary e-reader.

Financial assistance available.  Request for assistance must accompany application.






Yad Vashem

International Seminar for Educators: "Teaching the Shoah and Antisemitism"

This 19-day seminar is one that requires a tremendous amount of physical, intellectual and emotional stamina.  Throughout most of the seminar you will find yourself sitting in the classroom listening to the pre-eminent scholars in the various fields of Holocaust education.

The seminar is built upon three major pillars:  academic, pedagogical and experiential.

-  The academic component will take you through the history and culture of the Jewish people in the interwar period.  It will continue through the history of antisemitism, the stages of the Final Solution, and the Jewish response to the Nazi onslaught.  This element, although historically based, will include lectures on literature, theology, psychology and art.

-  The pedagogical component will provide the participants with the tools to translate this academic content into suitable pedagogical materials that are age appropriate and multi-disciplinary.

-  The experiential component has three varied parts.  The first and most important is meetings with survivors.  During the course of this seminar, participants meet with ten to twelve survivors whose testimonies document and personalize this tragic historical event.  The second element is field trips that will connect educators not only with the recent history of the Jewish people but also with its ancient roots in the Land of Israel.  The final component is a series of films and optional workshops that will enhance both the historical and pedagogical components of the program.  We will address the recent upsurge of antisemitism and Holocaust denial throughout the world today including strategies for combating these phenomena.

This seminar is accredited by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a participant can receive up to four MA credits.  Seton Hill University, Greenburg, PA will award three MA credits.  Either option is contingent upon the completion of a required work post seminar and payment to the respective institution.


- For dedicated teachers planning to teach or currently teaching
   the Holocaust.

- In order to be eligible for a BHEC Scholarship, teacher must
   have attended a minimum of two (2) previous national Holocaust


Jerusalem, Israel


Hotel (bed & breakfast) paid by attendee: The Prima Kings Hotel

Approximately $145/day (single) or $70/day (double).

Cost includes breakfast.


Sunday, July 2- Thursday, July 20, 2017

This seminar takes place six days a week:

Sunday to Thursday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Friday, the lectures end by 2:00 pm.

Session Length:  

19 days; 140 hours

Program Agenda:  

2017 Program Flyer


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC

2017 Yad Vashem Application

Application Deadline:  

March 31, 2017


$1200 (This includes the opportunity to take one Yad Vashem online course at any time after the seminar.  It does NOT include payment for MA credits.)


Hotel Cost is additional (see above).
Airfare is additional.

Some scholarships available from Yad Vashem.



Jewish Labor Committee

Holocaust & Jewish Resistance Teachers' Program

An intensive three-week learning and living experience initiated in 1984 by Vladka Meed, a member of the Jewish underground in the Warsaw Ghetto. It is for U.S. secondary school teachers who are committed to teaching about the Holocaust and Jewish resistance in their classrooms. The group of approximately 24 teachers will visit historic sites and hear from survivors and prominent scholars.


Open to secondary school teachers who implement Holocaust studies in their classroom.


Newark, Poland, and Germany


Accommodations included in fee.


Tuesday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Session Length:   3 weeks
Program Curriculum:  
  • Antisemitism in Europe
  • The Outbreak of World War II
  • Life in the Ghettoes and the Camps
  • The Final Solution
  • Armed Resistance and Revolt
  • Spiritual Resistance
  • Reaction of the Free world
  • The Holocaust in Literature and Art
  • Post-War Impact of the Holocaust
  • Present day antisemitism

The Summer Seminar will begin with a 2-day intensive orintation in Newark, NJ. The group will then travel to Germany and Poland.

2017 Itinerary

2017 Program Flyer


Apply for a Scholarship from the BHEC.

Jewish Labor Committee Application.

Application Deadline:  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Applications are filled on a rolling basis.


Fee:  $2,500 (Payment due upon acceptance.)

Includes round-trip travel from Newark, NJ, trips to historic sites in Germany & Poland, hotel accommodations (2 to a room), breakfast daily, and some dinners.


Participants must pay for their travel to Newark, NJ, Liberty Airport and back home again.






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