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The Inclusion of Art in a Study of the Holocaust

School groups visits Darkness into Life at Cullman Middle School. Works of art offer a useful resource for Holocaust education, especially when combined with other biographical and historical material.

1. Students will learn more about the Holocaust

    through the stories of the artists and the places in

    which they worked (ghettos, camps, hiding places).

2. Students will learn about the artistic activity that

    occurred in these places and its different functions.

3. Students will approach the works as historical evidence, looking at what they reveal about

    life in the ghettos and camps.

4. Students will approach the works as artistic creations, considering their meanings and



Additional Resources

              An instructional piece created by the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center to

              accompany artwork included in the BHEC PowerPoint "The Holocaust."

               An traveling and online exhibit featuring 22 Holocaust survivors from throughout the

               state of Alabama.

              Site sponsored by World ORT and Beit Lohamei Haghetaot.